From the Sheriff's Desk





In the days following the Cooter’s Last Stand event, Sheriff Cubbage would like to recognize the effort of everyone that worked together to make this event a success.  We are very impressed and proud of the way our law enforcement, Fire and EMS career staff and volunteers, the employees of Cooter’s, volunteer organizations and our Page County community as a whole came together to showcase Page County.


Just prior to this event, Sheriff Cubbage indicated that Page County law enforcement wanted to do our part to “support Ben and Ms. Alma, make this a successful event for our community, and be a gracious host for those who will be traveling to our beautiful area to attend.”  Based on the responses that we have received, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


With the influx of traffic and people, the Sheriff’s Office reports only two minor traffic incidents, no arrests or complaints of disorderly conduct.  While we could do nothing to prevent the traffic delays that were created, everyone worked together, remained kind and gracious and helped make Page County shine.


Sheriff Cubbage would like to extend a special thank-you to the Town Police Departments (Luray, Stanley and Shenandoah) who provided manpower assistance, Rockingham County Fire and Rescue for the use of their Command Bus, the Virginia Communications Cache, Harrisonburg/Rockingham County Emergency Communications Center and Jim Junkins for his support of our communications needs, Stanley, Shenandoah and Luray Volunteer Rescue Squads, Luray Fire Department, Page County Fire and EMS personnel, Josh Hahn with the Page County GIS Department and everyone else who assisted with the preparation, planning and implementation of the operation.