Work Detail

Sheriff Cubbage is a firm believer that persons placed in a jail or penitentiary can serve constructive purposes that benefit society while carrying out their sentence. For that reason, he has increased the level of community work performed through this program. Only inmates who have non-violent convictions, and are not considered to be a threat to the community, are allowed to participate in this program. Under close supervision, they can provide a benefit to the community while paying their debt to society. He also feels this program serves as a deterrent for our young people. Allowing inmates to perform various manual tasks in the community provides a powerful message to others about what happens when crimes are committed. Inmates that have participated in the Work Force Program during FY12/13 have performed 27,684 hours of free service to our county, community, and non-profit organizations. This has resulted in a savings of $221,472 for county residents and has allowed for the hiring of local residents to perform tasks outside of the work done by the inmate labor force.




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