Home Electronic Monitoring

It is the policy of the Page County Jail to provide community release programs to non-violent offenders who present a minimal risk to the community. Home Electronic Monitoring is a cost effective, intermediate sanction for sentenced non-violent offenders. The participant’s criminal and social history must suggest a high probability of successful completion of the program. The program also provides opportunities for inmates to make restitution to the courts or victims, continue employment, meet their child support obligations, attend community-based counseling or substance abuse programming, and support their family while preparing for successful reintegration into the community. The Page County Jail's Home Electronic Monitoring program is in compliance with §53.1-131 and §53.1-131.2 of the Code of Virginia. Offenders shall meet the established eligibility requirements prior to being released to participate in the program. The Sheriff may assign any person who has been sentenced to jail or convicted and sentenced to confinement in prison, but is actually serving his sentence in jail, to a home electronic monitoring program under the supervision of the Sheriff pursuant to §53.1-131.2 of the Code of Virginia.




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