Canine Program

Molly, a purebred search and rescue bloodhound, came to the Page County Sheriff's Office in February, 2004. She came from Pulaski County, Virginia, and her handler is , Deputy C. B. Sours. Molly is trained in search and rescue operations and participates in Virginia Bloodhound Search and Rescue (VBSAR) training once a month. During these monthly training exercises, they will go to different places and interact with other search and rescue bloodhounds and their handlers.

Levi, is a two year old Belgian Malinois from Germany. Levi joined our office in 2010. Levi is trained in officer protection, suspect apprehension, tracking, narcotics detection, building searches and article searches. Levi and her handler, Cpl. Curtis Long, attended a five week training course at Moore's K-9 Training Center. They continue to train every month. Levi is always available for duty to all agencies in our county and surrounding agencies in other counties.

Kane, is a four year old German Shepard from the Czech Republic. Cpl. Chris Stoneberger and Kane have been a certified K-9 team since May, 2008. Kane is certified as a dual purpose K-9 in patrol and narcotics. Kane is also certified to detect numerous types of narcotics, including meth, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and PCP.

Retired K-9s: Viy (2004-2010)

Heading 4

All K-9s, along with the Page County Sheriff's Office, wish to thank the following businesses and organizations for helping keep them in tip-top shape:
  • Ace Hardware-Elkton
  • Dr. Johnny Clark
  • Lowes-Harrisonburg
  • Outback Taxidermy-Shenandoah
  • Page County SPCA
  • Petco-Harrisonburg
  • Rockingham Redi Mix
  • Southern States-Luray
  • Wal-Mart-Luray