Work Release

Sheriff Cubbage is a firm believer that inmates should have an opportunity to help off-set the cost of their incarceration. For that reason, he has implemented a Work Release Program.

Non-violent inmates that are not considered to be a threat to the community are allowed to participate in this program. Inmates that have been sentenced to not more than two years or, have less than two years left to serve, and have no outstanding charges pending in any court in any jurisdiction may petition for work release.

An inmate must complete a work release application which will be approved or rejected by the jail administrator. Even if approved for work release by the jail an inmate can be denied by the sentencing court or the Department of Corrections. Work release applicants that have been convicted of certain crimes are not be eligible for work release. Each application is reviewed on a case by case basis.

Monies are deducted from the inmates paychecks to pay the:

  • Weekly $125.00 fee
  • Child support obligations
  • Court fees
  • Restitution
  • Work release inmates are required to pay for 100% of their medical bills
Employers may contact the Jail Administrator for additional information regarding this program.




  Contact Information

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