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Lieutenant Casey Bryant
(540)743-6571 ext. 3343
(540)743-1252 (fax)

The Page County Sheriff’s Office provides enforcement of all domestic animal control issues within the County of Page, the Town of Luray, the Town of Stanley and the Town of Shenandoah.

Animal law enforcement, including the methods of capture, confinement, and disposition of nuisance animals, both domestic and feral, requires the animals be treated in the most humane manner possible.

Our animal control deputies are Department of Criminal Justice Services, Patrol Certified. This certification gives us the capabilities of utilizing these deputies in serious emergencies as back-up to the patrol division.

Page County provides the Sheriff’s Office with two certified animal control deputies. Therefore, to provide the citizens of Page County with 24 hours of animal control, the Patrol Division is animal controlled trained. This allows our department the capability of answering calls after hours and the availability to control the high volume of calls and the seriousness of these calls.