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Captain Randall Williams

Lt. Dominika Seal

Lt. Michael St. Clair

The Page County Jail was built in 1969 to house 26 inmates; the average daily population for 2019 was 71. When Sheriff Cubbage took Office in 2016 the Page County Jail housed male inmates only, females were housed overnight only and transferred to Middle River Regional Jail as soon as practical.  Due to the increase in female inmates the Page County Jail started housing females in February 2019.  The Page County Jail is not certified to house juveniles; they are transported to a juvenile facility to be housed there.  Under the current administration the Page County Jail has re-obtained certification from the Virginia Department of Corrections.  This designation assures our citizens that the Page County Jail is in 100% compliance with the Virginia Department of Corrections Standards Compliance for Jails.

The Page County Jail has numerous programs aimed at helping inmates develop life skills while incarcerated, which helps prevent recidivism upon release.

The jail offers the following services and programs:

  • GED/Educational Program
  • Counseling/Peer to Peer Support
  • Recreation Program
  • Library
  • Ministerial and Bible Studies
  • Work Release/Work Detail Programs
  • Jail Trustee Program
  • Inmate Work Detail Program
  • Alcoholics Anonymous/Anger Management
  • Home Electronics Incarceration