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Captain Steve Owens
(540)743-6571 ext. 3382

As an additional public service, the Page County Sheriff’s Office performs property checks for businesses and residents of Page County. These checks are conducted either randomly by Deputies during their sector patrols or prearranged by citizen request

Random Property Checks
Random property checks are performed by deputies during their daily sector patrols. If your property has been checked by a deputy patrolling the vicinity in which you live, you will receive this form in your mailbox. It requires no action on your part. It just lets you know that your area has been patrolled.



Sgt. Brian Caviness
(540)743-6571 ext. 3378

The Page County Sheriff’s Office established a Security Assessment Program in May of 2001. This program allows residents and businesses to have an assessment performed by a certified Crime Prevention Specialist at no cost. The Security Assessment helps individuals to improve the security level of their premises to help prevent property damage and intrusion.