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Kane, a purebred German Shepherd, was one of the first cross-trained K9’s in narcotics and patrol that the Sheriff’s Office has had. Kane was acquired from the Czech Republic at the age of four in May of 2008.

He and Sgt. Chris Stoneberger worked as a team until Kane was retired due to health issues in January of 2012. He was adopted by Sgt. Stoneberger when he retired and died soon after. He was an exceptional partner and is missed by all in the police community.        





Viy, a purebred german shepherd, came to the Page County Sheriff’s Office in 2004. Viy was obtained from a Hungarian trainer and was the first Patrol K9 at the Page County Sheriff’s Office. Viy’s handler was Corporal Curtis Long. Viy and Corporal Long were trained in narcotics detection, article search, building search, area search, and handler protection. Viy was responsible for numerous narcotic detection as well as locating fleeing subjects on tracks and apprehensions.

Viy was awarded the top dog award from the Virginia Police Canine Association. In October 2011, Viy passed away due to health issues. Up to the day of his passing, he had a great desire to work and protect his community.    


Molly, a purebred bloodhound, came to Page County Sheriff’s Office in February 2004. She was born May 30, 2003 in Pulaski County, Virginia. Molly had two handlers before retirement in 2012. Her first handler was Chad Brown. Her second handler, of five years, was Corporal Charles Sours.

Molly was trained in search and rescue operations and participated in Virginia Bloodhound Search and Rescue (VBSAR) training once a month. She assisted this and numerous other agencies with searches for both criminal suspects and missing persons. On December 7, 2012, Molly was laid to rest due health issues.