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Captain Stevie Owens

Lieutenant Casey Bryant

The patrol division of the Page County Sheriff’s Office is the one that most citizens visualize when they think of the function of the Sheriff’s Office. The patrol division consists of two teams, each team has a Sergeant, Corporal and several deputies that are seen on the roads throughout the County on a daily basis. 

The County has been divided into three separate sectors. A deputy on each shift is assigned to remain in one of the sectors during their shift. The sectoring program ensures that deputies are spread evenly throughout the county at all times, reducing response time and ultimately helping to save lives. Perhaps the most important aspect of the sector program is that it increases law enforcement visibility all over Page County, helping to reduce and prevent crime BEFORE it happens.

The main duties of patrol deputies consist of: 

  • Enforcing laws with arrests of those charged with violations
  • Serving criminal and civil papers in the county
  • Performing investigative procedures regarding crime
  • Working and investigating traffic accidents
  • Serving as a resource for the entire community to draw upon
  • Providing a positive image for the citizenry, especially the young persons, of Page County
  • Remembering at all times to be fair, just, and expedient in exercising their duties