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[Summarized] Rockingham and Page County Officers received a tip that Alger was hiding in a house in Jollet Hollow.  A posse was formed around the house at 2am.  Shortly before daybreak, Alger and a companion left the house.  Lucas yelled for the men to stop.  The companion fired buckshot at Lucas, missing him.  “Alger then began to run,” said Deputy Lucas.  “As he passed up the hill along the road, the other officers leaped from the bushes and he was called upon to halt.  He answered by firing at the officers.  He fired his pistol four times.  The fire was returned, three bullets hitting him, stopping his flight.”  Alger, escaped convict from a Nelson County road camp, was reported this morning to be in a critical condition at Rockingham Memorial Hospital with chances against recovery.  Alger is suffering from bullet wounds in his back, his leg and his stomach.