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A convicted murderer has been charged with the wounding and attempted murder of State Trooper on Monday night in Stanley.  Police arrested Wilmer Sylvester Lucas at his home after a shootout which left state trooper John B. Thomas injured and three police cruisers damaged.  The investigators say the shootout began when Thomas went to the Stanley home to investigate a hit and run accident.  Lucas previously served a prison term for murdering his wife, using a 12 gauge shotgun.  He served seven years of a 20 year sentence.  Lucas also shot Trooper Thomas with a 12 gauge shotgun, hitting his face and shoulder, damaging his left eye.  At the time of this article, there was no update on the condition of his eye.  Police stated Lucas fired at Thomas and others apparently because he was afraid of going back to prison. 


John B. Thomas would be elected Page County Sheriff in 2009.